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PGDM (Healthcare and Hospital Management)

PGDM (Healthcare and Hospital Management)

In RPIIT CAMPUS PGDM in Healthcare and Hospital Management is a uniquely designed program where a confluence of professionals from diverse educational backgrounds - including doctors, nursing, physiotherapists, pharmaceuticals, life-sciences and non-medical streams; come together, all aspiring towards the fulfillment of one universal goal, "HEALTH FOR ALL."

PGDM in hospital management is with the objective of building Healthy environment and in anticipation of tomorrow's Healthy India. The PGDM in hospital management has been a major source for this kind of talent pool, over the past few years. This practice-oriented degree program features a relevant, current curriculum that addresses the core competencies and best practices of the healthcare profession. It also helps in broadening of your understanding of the legal and regulatory issues affecting healthcare organizations.

PGDM in healthcare and hospital management is viewed as a multi-disciplinary amalgamation of concepts, principles, tools and techniques and frameworks which have an applied orientation. It is also seen as general management oriented, providing an education suitable for equipping students with the knowledge and skills required for most hospital managerial domains available in organizations of wide diversity.


• HR managers

• Assistant administrator

• Health services project administrator

• Business operations specialist

• Insurance and claim management

• Data communications analyst and Database administrator

• In-patient and out patient managers

• Front office managers

• Radiology and information system managers

• Health services manager

• Quality and accountability initiatives director

• Staff facility liasioning


• Any Graduate from university recognized by AIU with minimum of 50% marks at their graduation level.


The following shall be the objectives of the PGDM (hospital management) Programme:

• To enable the student to develop comprehensive understanding and skills required to manage Health Organizations.

• To help nurture values, attitudes and behaviors those are necessary in the dynamic modern business world and cultivate them in Hospitals and to provide best service.

• To inculcate, a sense of social purpose that will permeate their decision making in services.

• To encourage and help develop entrepreneurial qualities and leadership capabilities enabling them to respond to changes and contribute towards Modern Hospitals.

• To meet the challenges of Managing hospitals and patients to provide best services.

• To develop socially responsible and empathetic services.